ROC Architecture is a full services firm, providing design services for a variety of project types.  The scope of our work is comprehensive and embraces all aspects of a project's design from the master planning of a site, down to the detailing and specification of interior finishes and furnishings.  

Our services start with a thorough documentation and understanding of all the aspects of a project.  This includes a detailed client interview, an examination of the proposed site, a review and analysis of zoning and code requirements and finally a review of the proposed budget.

Only when these aspects are fully examined together by both client and architect does the design process begin.

From a client's programmatic needs to their fondest aspirations, we strive to understand how a client lives, works and plays.  Each design that we create is unique, specifically crafted to meet the individual client's specific goals.

Schematic design is the first step, in which we prepare preliminary sketches and drawings that depict possible design strategies.  Presented to the client, often with accompanying scale models, these strategies evolve and are refined over a period of development that includes a series of meetings with the client.  It is during this period that the design progresses forward, where we begin to examine the details and materials of a project, including issues of sustainable and environmentally conscious design.

When the client's needs have been met by the design, a set of construction documents that include both drawings and specifications, are produced.  This establishes documents suitable for cost estimating and construction by a builder.  In addition, these same documents are suitable for submission to the local authority having jurisdiction to obtain the required permits for construction.  Following the regulations and requirements of the local authority, permit applications are prepared and submitted as well as variance and special permit applications when authorized by the client.   

Finally, during the construction phase, we make regularly scheduled visits to observe construction.  It is at these field visits that we review with the client the project's progress with the goal of insuring that the project under construction is what the client and we are expecting in the finish product.